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sultan paalace yogyakarta

Keraton, also written as Kraton, is the name of the Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta. This 200-year-old palace complex is situated right in the heart of Yogyakarta. According to Javanese belief, the ruler is the “naval” of their universe. Hence, the Keraton is regarded as both the capital of Yogyakarta province, as well as the hub of the cosmos.

The Keraton houses not only quarters for the ruling Sultan (yes, the Sultan of Yogyakarta holds the distinction as the only precolonial ruler who is still governing an Indonesian province) and his family, but also the dynastic regalia, private meditation and ceremonial chambers, a magnificent throne hall, audience and performance pavillions, a mosque, a royal garden, stables, barracks, and more.

Keraton was constructed from 1755 and continued for almost 40 years, during the long reign of Hamengkubuwono I. After he died in 1792, little else was added to the complex. Today only the innermost compound is considered Keraton proper, whereas the lanes and lesser compounds became part of the city.

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